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A hidden debt

Restore the blessing in your wealth

It’s never too late to identify, calculate and pay your missed Zakat, but similarly it’s never too early so don’t wait until Ramadan before you take action! In fact, it’s extremely important to get up to date with your Zakat as soon as possible to purify your wealth and avoid the severe consequences of withholding Zakat – both in this life and the next.

Missed Zakat Guide

If you don’t know whether you have any unpaid Zakat from previous years, follow NZF’s Step by Step Guide to find out if you are liable to make up missed Zakat.

NZF has put together a spreadsheet to make logging previous years’ Zakat simple to help you make up any missed Zakat accurately and easily.

If you think you may have miscalculated or missed paying Zakat in the past, or you are not sure and just want to be on the safe side, we can assist you.

Examples of where you may have

miscalculated or missed paying Zakat

As a teenager, you may have had enough money in your bank account to warrant paying Zakat but not thought about it.

You may have been confused about paying Zakat on your pension.

You and your spouse may have been calculating Zakat as a couple rather than individually.

You may have been unsure whether to pay Zakat on jewellery or not. 

As a student at university or upon graduation, you may have incorrectly assumed that you didn’t have to pay Zakat due to having a student loan.

You may have been unsure whether to pay Zakat on jewellery or not. 

You may not have distinguished between personal and business assets correctly.

Frequently asked questions

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Khutbah: Don't leave it to chance!

Tutorial: How to Calculate

Case Studies

A hidden teen wealth

Thirteen missed years

An elderly man’s generosity

Our vision is for Islam to flourish in society as a source of prosperity and harmony for all. Our mission is to distribute Zakat transformatively within the United Kingdom.

Through giving out Zakat grants in the UK, we’re here to support and empower individuals in poverty, transform community institutions, and promote understanding of Islam and Muslims.

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